1. Seattle


I got my bags packed usb with beats so I can rap
If need be 6:03 LAX where I be
See it's my first flight alone with Virgin America
No need to worry I'm sure Vince they'll take care of ya
Right now it's cloudy but clear and no it's not raining here
But imma head north and stop just before I see reindeer
As the flight takes off I feel the pain disappear
I'm insane and weird but now I'm sane and fearless
I hear this noise lift off captain turn the rudder
Stay poised cause now my life's in the hands of another
But it's all good I chill and breath real to me
No it doesn't seem I'm a fiend for adventure
A human being with a temper different scenes I treasure
Going out of CA lucked out and got seat A now I can see a
Cloud or two astounding view imma see a new city be like hi how are you